Home of the Penny Corvette. Corvette Parts for Sale. Mostly Used. Mostly Midyear.
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Welcome to

Welcome to, the home of Charlie Regini's Penny Covered Corvette, an art car created in the 1980s. Yes, this midyear Corvette is covered with real pennies! 


Charlie Regini has been building, restoring, repairing, and collecting Corvettes for decades. As a result, he's accumulated lots of parts.

Corvette Parts For Sale

If you are looking for Corvette Parts, mostly used and mostly midyear, please download and browse my PDF catalog with full color photos of my parts. My catalog inventory is organized by Category. Because of its size, there are three PDF files.

PennyVette Corvette Parts Catalog - Part 1

PennyVette Corvette Parts Catalog - Part 2

PennyVette Corvette Parts Catalog - Part 3

My contact information is on every catalog page. Please ask any questions you may have about part availability, condition, shipping costs, etc.